About The App

We Connect Your Place with the Dating Scene


Our users turn to us to help them find the date location that’s uniquely suited to who they are and what they want. Here, there’s no digital bunnyhopping to find where to go and what to do. With iKnowa, you don’t have to find your audience. They’ll find you.


In 5 minutes, you can set up your venue’s digital profile. Be found through easy-to-navigate search filters. And detail everything about who you are, from opening hours to preferred dress code. This is a space to let your place shine – so no trolls or endless walls of reviews to steal your spotlight.


Tell the story of who your place is and get to the heart of the things that make it special. Share your backstory. Your place’s colourful history. The feeling you want to create for your guests, your diners or your visitors.


Our Perfect Date feature means that you can connect with local venues to curate the roadmap of a date that’ll be talked about for weeks to come.


Because, down the track? We’re not going to remember the text conversations. The snaps. The Super Likes. But what we will remember? Are the game-changing dates. The conversations that cut through the chaos of the world. The feeling of true connection. And the places that made it happen.


Collaborate with local venues to map out the perfect date. Develop unique offers to spark your guest’s curiosity. And equip your guests with ideas for how they can make their date night experience better than their wildest dreams.

Who is the iKnowa App for?

iKnowa is a different kind of dating app, we don’t help you match, we help you date. We’ve found hundreds of great date places for you to quickly plan your date. Most dates revolve around food or drinks, so we’ve made it easy to find a memorable place to take your date.

While you’re chatting away on your favorite dating app, you can be flicking through the iKnowa app on the side, considering your dates location, food favorites, dietary requirements, dress code and a bunch of other cool atmospheres to really make the date something special.

We have scoured every menu to make sure its suitable for you to take your vegan, vegetarian or gluten free date. This no longer needs to limit your choices as we have hundreds of great places that cater to your needs.

Love coffee? We have a nice quick search that’ll get you and your date caffeinated in 4 clicks.

Need an icebreaker? Why not bring your dog to one of our pet friendly places? Want a view of the river, we’ve got that too. Our atmospheres are here to help you mix up your date and add to the conversation.

We haven’t even spoken about ‘The Perfect Date’ function yet. This is a user driven date function that resolves around a specific place, suggesting activities to do before, during and after your date. If a user is on the fence about where to take their date, this could be the deciding factor on whether they choose one place over another.

If you haven’t been in the dating scene in a while, or you want to spice up your dating life, then this app will make your life easy, exciting and help create some memorable moments.

The app is totally free for our daters and places alike. We are launching in SE Queensland (Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, and Gold Coast) Australia.

Just like dating, you all have specific requirements. We let you search for what you want, not flood you with all the duds. We give you the confidence to say to your match, iKnowa Place.